So you want to manage a product?


What no one tells you about the role

What product management is

  • Being the heart, mind, and voice of the user
  • Facilitating cross-functional teamwork
  • Making product trade-offs
  • Meeting an end-goal with fixed time and resources
  • Leading people along a product journey
  • Being positive and practical
  • Making tough calls with little information

What product management is not

  • Being the most important voice
  • Being the only idea-generator
  • Being a designer
  • Being a programmer
  • Managing QA
  • Optimizing websites
  • Writing marketing collateral

Product management is not what you think it is.

  1. You’re not managing a product. You’re managing the problem it solves.
  2. Your product is only as good as a user’s perception of it.
  3. Product Managers are neither designers nor engineers.
  4. It’s not about being a star — It’s about managing a universe.

Rohini Vibha in Product Management

This article has a valid discussion/overview of product managers, but I would argue that product managers may have strengths in design and engineering as some are from those departments and promoted into PM position. They have a greater understanding for work in a cross discipline team, collaboration, and empathize with the developers. They may have the tendencies to have a more connected/closer connection and better perspective of customers needs. In hindsight, better decisions are made from a knowledgeable background/well rounded product manager.

Click on the title link above for the full article!

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