Valentine’s Day

Love story from Reddit

In college there was a party in my dorm and a girl, who I thought was out of my league, drunkenly fell asleep next to me in my bed. I woke up in a puddle of her urine. After we both broke into laughter we changed our clothes. Then we got pizza. Three weeks later we started dating. Since then we’ve both graduated and moved in together. It was love at first piss.



‘In college and drinkin’, dee oh double-gee,
I lay with a lady of fine pedigree –
The music was playin’, conveyin’ a sound;
We slept as the party was ragin’ around!

I dreamt of the music, and woke up at three,
A little bit dizzy – and covered in pee.
My woman was waitin’, prepared to be shunned –
Her eyes were wide-open; her face fuckin’ stunned.

‘I’m sorry!’ she cried (from her pee puddle pool) –
‘Whizizzle, my nizzle – forget it, we cool!
You hungry for pizza? I’m telling you, please,
I’m bakin’ and achin’ for bacon and cheese!’

She didn’t say nothin’, but broke out a smile –
And there in that wizz-lake we laughed for a while.
Whatever it was, and whatever it is –
That’s romance, fo’ shizzle… and love at first pizz.’


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